School Security Officer – Uniformed/Plainclothes

School Security Officer “Uniformed” or Off Duty Officers “Plainclothes” (ODO) – Now a days where the world is full of hooligans, bullies, or gangsters including lone actors and innocent individual are suffering from vicious and terrifying events everyday. Parents are afraid to let their children go and play in parks or study in libraries, even schools are not safe in this world as they can be targeted by Terrorists and or a Lone Wolf. Global Protection & Investigations, Inc. is the organization which takes every matter related to you and your families’ protection seriously. Our Off Duty Officers (ODO) are Retired/Active Law Enforcement Officers (LEO) with a multitude of experiences from communications skills, undercover operations to emergency response. Most of our Officers have over ten (10) years of exspearance. Most have experience in responding to active shooters and know how to resolve this type of event. ODO’s are a cornerstone to the new security model as active shooters engage uniformed personnel. ODO’s blend-in to any environment to protect the client, the children, it’s employees and the public. ODO’s are first responders increasing response time to seconds compared to local law enforcement which generally arrive on scene within five to seven (5-7) minutes of an event. Our security service is very concerned about your children so without any hesitation contact us for security in schools and academic institutes. Our ODOs have served this nation for many years as Law Enforcement and or Military