Security is the main concern of every organisation when it comes to making the premises of the company secure and safe for the people visiting it. Many people believe that armed forces provide more security than unarmed forces as it seems to be very obvious. However, if we go into details, we will come to know that in many cases, unarmed security plays a better role in many scenarios.

The security in every organisation is divided into two types; armed security and unarmed security. Both types of security have their own criteria. You can easily make a distinction between the armed security and unarmed security if you can make a comparison between the two.

Armed security:

You might have seen armed security guards providing protection to the general public. They work for different companies, retail businesses and also security firms. The retired police offer generally work as armed security guards. This is the best employment opportunity for all military personnel and police offers retired from job

Unarmed security:

Any person working as unarmed security personnel provides protection to the property of people. They don’t work for the common security purpose. Rather, there are many other jobs that are assigned to them to perform. The unarmed security personnel are hired to help the company get away with the situation in which it feels the need to involve police.

What are the requirements of armed security?

Anyone who wants to work in armed security is required to meet the requirements and demands of the armed security in order to get hired. The basic requirements are:

  1. Anyone applying for armed security must be over 18 years.
  2. The candidate must have a high school diploma
  3. The criminal record of the applicant should be clean

What are the requirements of unarmed security?

The basic requirements of the unarmed security are:

  1. The candidate must be 18 years old at least
  2. The applicant must hold the security guard certificate
  3. The training of 40 hours is also required by the candidate

Purpose of training for armed security guards:

The individuals that want to work with as armed security guards are provided with many training programs to choose from. These training programs are conducted by many dedicated institutes and private organisations. These programs are initiated because the organisations want their armed security guard to

  1. Respond to the emergency appropriately
  2. Prevent the crime to occur
  3. Have proper information about the usage of security weapons
  4. Ensure the enforcement of the law in the company

Purpose of training for unarmed security guards:

An unarmed security guard also needs to have completed the training session of 40 hours or more to be hired as a security guard. The purpose of giving the training to the unarmed security guards is to

  1. Make them responsive in an emergency
  2. Make them capable enough to prevent crime
  3. Make them work for public relations appropriately
  4. Help them learn the report writing
  5. Equip them with the skills to use different types of non-lethal weapons